These drawings in graphite, charcoal and sumi ink, were all made in the past five years.

They are portraits of myself, and of my husband and me as a couple. They are intended as a graphic record of the process of aging.

It is a popular cliche  that our culture values youth and adolescent beauty, and denigrates old people. But in exchange for youth there is, of course, longevity, and with luck, enduring love and the joys of long relationships.

A few years ago, I brought a photo of myself and my husband,  taken when we were in our early twenties,  to be made into an invitation to our 50th wedding celebration.  The  young man at the print shop looked at me and then at the photo and said, “Lady, is this you?  When I told him it was, he impulsively said, “I hope I never get old”.

“In that case”, I told him, “you will die young”.