The Baghdad Hanging

58”x86” oil on canvas/wood 1991

This four part painting is one of a series of pieces that explore the first murder.

The archetypal evils of the first generation have marked life on Earth since the expulsion from Eden. From the original violent strife between Cain and Abel to our time, brothers have been fighting brothers. In the central panel, Cain and Abel are shown struggling with each other for dominance.

The two side lunettes show groups of dislocated survivors wandering through a desolated landscape.

In the top lunette, there is a scene of an incident that occurred in 1969 in Baghdad, Iraq, in which a group of eleven innocent men – eight Jews, two Moslems and one Christian were executed as “Israeli spies” and then hung in downtown Liberation Square. Pinned to the shirt of each was a placard with his name, age and religion.

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