Ruth and Boaz

56”x50” Oil on canvas/wood 1999

The Book of Ruth relates the story of the Moabite princess Ruth, who left her homeland and came to Israel as a convert. When Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi were both widowed and left impoverished, Ruth refused to leave her.

In the painting, Ruth is shown in the fields of Boaz, one of the leaders of the Jewish nation. He sleeps, guarding his harvest, and she gently touches his foot, reminding him that she is kin and although he is generations older than she, tradition obligates him to marry her. Out of this improbable union, comes the royal family of Israel -David, Solomon and the future Messiah.

In the lunette, the Messiah appears, as the prophet Zechariah describes him:

“For behold, your king will come to you, righteous and victorious is he, a humble man riding upon a donkey”.

All around the Messiah are sparks - bits of the Divine Light which became part of the world at Creation.

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