60”x50” oil on canvas/wood 1995

“On the day that Solomon married the daughter of Pharoah Necho, the King of Egypt, the angel Michael descended, and rammed a staff into the Mediterranean Sea, and surrounded it with stones and mud. It became a large forest which eventually became the great city of Rome.”

In the bottom rectangular section of this painting, the water is given a luminous Impressionistic treatment. Only the stick which divides the painting hints at something darker. It refers of course, to the quote above, often included in the forward to the Book of Lamentations, which describes the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in the First Century CE.

The incomparable King Solomon, by his excessive accumulation of wives and property, and his destructive alliances with foreign powers, sets the stage for the creation of the kingdom which will eventually destroy his Temple and his capital city, and send the remnant of his people into their present exile.

The top lunette extends this concept to contemporary destructions.

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