Ezekial's Vision

58”x48” Oil on canvas and wood 2000

When King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Israel, destroying Jerusalem and the first temple, the Jews were exiled into Babylon. Ezekiel was the prophet who gave hope to the Jews of the ruined Jerusalem, but primarily to the bereft and exiled Jews in Babylon.

His vision of the “dry bones” rising from the earth and becoming fleshed and whole symbolized the rebirth that was to come for the Jewish Nation. His prophecy extended into the far future, when even the second temple of David will have been destroyed, but ultimately replaced by the third and final temple of the messianic age.

The temple revealed to Ezekiel was incredibly detailed. In his vision he saw water trickling and then pouring from its steps, creating a huge stream of sweet water that promised nourishment and abundance to the people Israel. The book of Ezekiel brings the Jews from despair and tragedy to the promise of an eternal temple in Jerusalem.

In this painting, the third temple is suggested in the lunette, while in the lower section, the “dry bones” emerge from the earth as the waters, teeming with life, pour from the temple steps.

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