David and Bathsheva

58”x50” oil on canvas/wood 1997

In the bottom section of the painting, King David walks on his parapet at night, high above the city of Jerusalem. He sees the beautiful Bathsheva bathing. Even though he is informed that she is married, he has sex with her. Later, when she tells him she is pregnant, he engineers the death of her husband Uriah the Hittite.

The lunette shows a white lamb in a contemporary battlefield. This reference is to the parable that the prophet Nathan relates to David after the death of Uriah - about a rich man with many sheep, who takes a poor man’s only lamb and slaughters it to feed his guest. When David becomes indignant at the injustice, Nathan tells him, “You are that man!”

David’s remorse and repentance suffused the rest of his life.

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